When inquiring about our kittens, please let us know a little bit about
yourself, suggestions like your home situation and your experience with
Persian breeds (Persia
n or Exotic) We prefer to know the other people in
your home and the other pets in your home to ensure this is the right
situation for you or the
K itten /Cat .
You MUST be certain that every person in your household are not allergic
to cats. This is especially important with young children. We need to make
sure that our babies have a secure home.
Our kittens are raised in our loving home and are use to children in the
home and normal household activities and lots of loving-handling. We get
very attached to our babies and need to know that they are going to the
best possible homes who are committed to them, as if they are your own
Our kittens are to go to an INDOOR home ONLY!!
Other cats in the household are to be indoor only and be current on vet
exam and vaccinations. If you have dogs, they need to be current on
exams, vaccinations, heartworm and flea treatments. You must have a
well-behaved dog(s) as to be kind to the new Fur-Baby as well. Please talk
with your vet before committing to a kitten to make sure everything is up
to date for a new Fur-Baby.
Our kittens are vet examined, current on age appropriate vaccinations,
altered before going to their new home (spayed/neutered), Fungus free
and Flea free. Kittens can be micro-chipped at the buyers request at an
additional charge at the time of altering. Make sure to ask for the
micro-chipping when getting your new kitty. All adults in our household
have been tested negative for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) and all
ancestors of our kittens have been DNA tested negative for PKD.
Kittens are placed with a complete guide on how to care for your new
kitten, a kitten going home kit, a freshly groomed spa day and a health
uarantee . Kittens are healthy to the best of our knowledge when they
leave our homes. We prefer you to take your new kitten to your vet for an
exam within 3-5 days of bringing them home to establish your kitten as a
patient and to address any questions you may have.
Coat length can be determined at about 4 weeks o
f age.
Check in often with us.

mail us if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

Michelle Smith
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