Panei Persian & Exotic
(Longhair & Shorthair Persians)
Established in 1974
Panei Persians & Exotics-Owners Patty Stewart & Michelle Smith
A mother-daughter team of cat lovers.
We live in Springfield, Oregon at the southern end of the Willamette Valley
nestled between the Willamette & Mckenzie Rivers.

Our Story:

Panei Persians (pronounced Paw-Nee ) began in 1974 with the purchase of a Red Persian male named Edjo's
Erich of Pa-Nei.    We quickly added 2 Tortoiseshell Persian girls Edjo's Indigo Rainbow & Edjo's Oriental
Splendor and that was our beginnings.  Still to this date, we still have lines descending back to one of our
original girls, Indigo Rainbow.  A beloved and sentimental line that produces easy going sweet dispositions.

We later added Whites "Our Speciality" to our solid breeding program and have also bred Silver, Smoke,
Bi-Color & Calico Persians.  I am an avid Line-Chaser researching our cats ancestry, keeping our bloodlines
as pure and healthy as possible.  I am proud  To be able to take our bloodlines back to the very beginnings
of the cat fancy in the late 1800’s.  I have a large collection of Yearbooks and old out of print historical  
Studbooks from various long lost registries.

The (Pa) in Panei is for myself "Patty Stewart" and the (Nei) is for my husband Neil. We have 3 grown
children, Tom, Michelle, & Christina.  We have 9 Grand children.  I do enjoy life other than cats as well,
Sewing, reading, camping, gardening, family historical research and proud to be a native 3rd generation

My daughter, Michelle, who is now co-owner of cattery was literally born in a house of cats.  She went to
most of the cat shows with me and as a young girl would steward the judging rings and later in her teens
she started clerking and hospitality at the cat shows.  Michelle is a busy mother of 5 children

In 1999 Michelle decided she wanted an easier care Persian and was gifted a Red Tabby Exotic female from
our dear friend Peter Romich of Grandaries Exotics.  "Ch.Grandaries Glitter & Be Gay "Gigi".  Gigi was our
Exotic beginnings  to our cattery, we are now Panei Persians & Exotics.

We are very proud of our accomplishments having bred many Grand Champions, distinguish merit awards,
and regional /national winners.

Michelle’s Story

I am a Mother of 5 Children, 2 Step-Daughters and 4 grand children. I enjoy Baking, Cake Decorating
and Cat Shows.
I was born and raised with Persians. I knew no different and thought everyone had cats or at
least everyone should own cats. I am so grateful to be able to share our passion together.  
We enjoy traveling to the cat shows and we get to work together and strive together as a team.  My Mother
has worked so hard to get to where she is now with our beautiful cats.  I feel like I have been given a gift
from my Mom.  That is to be able to have the knowledge and understandings of our passion in life.  My Mom
isn't just my Mom.  She is my teacher, my Best friend , and my mentor.  I just want to say "Thank you Mom!"
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